Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Hurlers 3D modeling and scanning

Part of Reading The Hurlers project will involve the spatial analysis and creation of 3D images of the site and local area, whilst teaching volunteers the process.

“Shadow Tor is thrilled to have been commissioned as part of the Reading The Hurlers project, especially being a local company and is looking forward to 3d mapping and studying the geology, position and shapes of Hurlers standing stones, in addition to providing media in the form of web content and reporting in the project and future dig.” said Matt Clark - 11/1/16

“It is great to have the opportunity to teach and train other local people some of the skills we use professionally when mapping and modelling spatial locations and objects and to get people involved. It is motivating to be in a position to employ others in this field, whilst they are studying their own local history.”

Computer specialists Shadow Tor has been recreating digital models and 3D images of landmarks and objects as part of its media productions in Cornwall for over 10 years.