Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Archaeology at the potential fourth Hurlers circle

Archaeological fieldwork in Reading the Hurlers is focused on an evaluation of a potential 4th circle at the site which was discovered in 1994 and is a linked project where study of the materiality of the monument is the principal objective. Cornwall Archaeological Unit’s Jacky Nowakowski and James Gossip will be conducting a dig at the site of the potential 4th circle with the goal of exposing and evaluating the area, to determine whether it is a circle, possibly a recumbent one, and if so how it may fit into the entire Hurlers complex.

The potential 4th circle site lies outside the present scheduled area. If a link between this site and the Hurlers complex is proven then present extent of protection requires review.

A detailed and broad Geology survey of the granite of the excavated 4th stone circle will take place also involving volunteers.

The September dig will aim to involve 50 volunteers over the 5 days of the dig. More details will follow.