Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Reading The Hurlers - Dig Week - Day 3

Reading The Hurlers - Dig Week - Day 3

Another busy day on site, the second full day of digging and this time with full sunshine. We have opened up another small trench to investigate one of the remaining bumps which might hide another stone on the circumference of the potential 4th circle.

Existing trenches continue to be cleared and the layers are taken down slowly, with their positions all recorded, photographed, measured and plotted, which also allows for an estimation of the width of the emerging circle.

Tom: "In trench A we have potential evidence of packing stones. These would be used to support the possible standing stone. It will hopefully become clearer upon further investigation this week. Watch this space..."

As part of Reading The Hurlers, we are also studying the geology of the existing standing stone circles and the surrounding moorland areas, in an attempt to understand the possible quarrying locations for the various stones.

Here is an interactive model of the Southernmost stone from Hurlers circle 3, with its distinctive mineral markings.

Adrian: "The Hurlers have always been a significant central point to this landscape and the thought that there was.. is.. a 4th circle, makes it even more significant. It’s a pleasure to be involved in such a project."