Monday, 23 May 2016

St Cleer Primary School visits The Hurlers

St Cleer Primary School trip to The Hurlers, 20th May 2016

29 children from St Cleer Primary School visited The Hurlers on a freezing Friday in May as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded project Reading the Hurlers. The group were guided around the area by Moorland Guides Paul Lovell and Keith Rawlings and activities were led by Geologist, Calum Beeson and Archaeologist, Emma Stockley.

After investigating Rillaton Barrow (thoughts about this ranged from it being a mine shaft to a bolt-hole for Unicorns!), the children braved the bitter wind and climbed to the top of the Cheesewring before making their way to the stone circles. To keep warm, the pupils, aged between 8 and 9, attempted to accurately count the stones of The Hurlers, which once again, proved impossible. After lunch at the Heritage Centre, the group continued their walk before returning to the coach in the afternoon. Cornwall Heritage Trust kindly funded the transport to the site and CHT stickers which were given to all. These proved to be very popular and were worn on coats, bags and foreheads alike. A big thanks to all those involved – it was another memorable, if cold, day out on the moor!